Tim Condict

Tim brings a wealth of experience to the deer industry and has raised deer for 19 years. He has participated at the national level in regulation control with 15 trips to Washington, D.C., many trips to USAHA and is the most successful person in the industry at successful legislation helping Oklahoma become recognized as the industry leader across the nation for common sense and logical regulation. He recently resigned from the DBC Board of Directors in which he served for 6 years, to fill this important position. He also served on the NADeFA Board of Directors and the Whitetails of Oklahoma Board of Directors for 12 years each. He also served on the Cervid Livestock Foundation Board of Directors for 4 years. His entire adult life has revolved around and his livelihood derived from the deer species by Outfitting hunts across the nation. He has participated in every aspect of the deer industry inside and outside of a fence.

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