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The DBC is working hard to keep generating discounts on items and services that will assist our members. We are always working on programs that will benefit our members and the deer industry. Here are some of the current benefits available to our members.

Information about Permits and Regulations. More

ADM Feed Rebate Program – The DBC has teamed up with ADM Alliance (formerly MoorMan’s) feed company to lower costs for our members. ADM offers a line of superior products to satisfy all deer and wildlife needs. Members can receive a $10 per ton rebate for up to 12 different types of feed.  More

EHD Vaccine Program – Newport Laboratories has created an EHD vaccine for the DBC. During its first year, the vaccine was the most inclusive vaccine available on the market containing EHD 1, 2, 6, BTV 3, Fuso, Clost perf A, PMA, Truperella pyo, & Bibersteinia, which sold around 30,0000 doses. Now the vaccine is a 8-way Combo with over 130,000 doses sold to breeders across the nation to date.  More

Advertising through the DBC website – All of our deer breeders and outfitters are allowed a complimentary listing for their ranch or operation on the DBC website.  More

Complimentary Classified Ads – The DBC offers all of our complimentary classified ads in each issue of the Trophy Whitetail World Magazine.

TTT Alternative Program – This program was developed to help promote the sale of stocker does as an alternative to the Trap, Transport, and Transplant program. The DBC works with our members to facilitate the sale of bred does to game ranches with the help of feed companies and private biologists.

TTU System Announces Grant Supporting White-tailed Deer Industry with Deer Breeders Corp- Researchers at The Institute of Environmental and Human Health at Texas Tech University (TIEHH) recently received a start-up grant from the Deer Breeders Corp. to look for drug residues and study insect-borne disease transmission dynamics in white-tailed deer.  More

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