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5/6/16 - Now accepting Consignments for the 9th Annual DBC Convention - Click Here

4/18/16 - Fill out the new online event registration for the 9th Annual Convention - Click Here

4/15/16 - Now accepting applications for Scholarships - Click Here

3/1/16 - Combat Marine Outdoors Hunt -  watch Sgt Matt Krumwiede, one of our Combat Marines, on a donated hunt - Click Here

12/21 - Lots now posted for the January 15-16 Auction - Click Here

12/17/15 - Another DBC Original - DBC Membership Interactive Map - Click Here

11/24/15 - Great News - Voting Now Open For 2016 Golden Buck - Click Here

11/5/15 - Winter Magazine Ad Deadline, Friday, November 13th - Click Here

10/5/15 - 2016 Golden Buck Entry Form & Rules are available - Click Here

9/8/15 - 2015 Golden Buck Winner Announced - Click Here

8/11/15 - Grand Auction Sneak Peek - Click Here

7/28/15 - Lots for the August 27-29 Convention now available for viewing - Click Here

7/16/15 - The Deer Breeders Corporation is proud to announce Tim Condict as our new Executive Director - Click Here

7/1/15 - INDUSTRY UPDATE from DBC Board of Directors and Texas Parks and Wildlife - Click Here

6/9 - Scholarship Application Deadline 6 Days Left! - Click Here

5/15 - Great news - Additional Rooms Available for August Convention - Click Here

5/12 - Accepting Scholarship Applications! Submit a completed application no later than June 15, 2015. - Click Here

4/15 - 2015 Scholarship Applications Now Avaiable - Click Here

4/1 - Deer Breeder Permit Annual Report and Renewal Application Now Available Online - Click Here

Photo Gallery -- 7th Annual New Year's Auction -Click Here

Results - - 7th Annual New Year's Auction Results are Onlinee… Click Here

Spring Magazine Ad Deadline March 6th

2015 Membership Directory Ad Deadline April 3rd

Golden Buck Divisional Winners - Click here

New Winter Edition & Articles Now Online - Click Here

INDUSTRY UPDATE from North American Deer Registry - Click Here

EHD Vaccine News - Another DBC MEMBERS ONLY Benefit  Click here

TTU - Take a closer look at the TTU Deer Research Program… click here

Money Raised - TTU Lots raised $50,500 at the 7th Annual Convention… click here

Marines - DBC Members give back to Combat Marines… click here

TTU System Announces Grant Supporting White-tailed Deer Industry with Deer Breeders Corp- Researchers at The Institute of Environmental and Human Health at Texas Tech University (TIEHH) recently received a start-up grant from the Deer Breeders Corp. to look for drug residues and study insect-borne disease transmission dynamics in white-tailed deer.

The goal of the partnership between Texas Tech and Deer Breeders Corp. is to strengthen and promote an emerging and growing sector of the agricultural industry. 

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